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Uma Farooq- AIPMT 72 Rank Holder

Entrance Corner Student Expert

1.Tell  us something about yourself. What are you doing currently?

I am Uma Farooq from Sikar Rajasthan. I am studying in 1st year MBBS in Seth G.S Medical College and Kem Hospital

2.When did you start thinking about PMT?

It was my childhood dream to become a doctor. I took biology after my 10th and I knew that to get into the best medical college in India, I have to clear AIPMT with a very good rank. So I started thinking about its preparation in 11th class.
3. What was you rank and what all options you chose in various counseling rounds?
I scored All India Rank 72 in AIPMT and chose Seth G.S. medical college in 1st counseling round itself

4. Why you chose
Seth G.S. medical college? Is there any specific reason?
I always wanted to study in Mumbai as whole of my maternal family and all live in Mumbai and I love this city. Seth G. S Medical College is one of the best college in Maharashtra and India.

5. Which books did you follow during your preparations?
I followed NCERT books strictly along with coaching books.

6. Have you taken any Coaching? Do you think coaching makes an impact in cracking PMT?

Yes. I had taken coaching from Allen career institute Kota. According to me, coaching is meant for guidance. They cannot spoon fed you. It is you who has to study and in the end, Its your hard work and sincerity which matters.

7. Did you follow any routine during your preparations?
Yes I analyzed previous year papers and talked to some seniors and then I made a time table and studied accordingly.

8. Did you join any test series?

No. I followed my coaching institutes test series only.

9. How much time in a day you spent on an average for preparations?
On an average I studied 12-13 hours a day.

10 .On which subject did you give more stress and why ?

My chemistry was poor so I had given more stress on chemistry.

11. What in your opinion do you think is the secret to your success?

Hard Work, Sincerity, Immense faith in God and Of course my positive attitude.

12. What was your strategy just one month before the Final Exam?

For me one month before exams was the time to relax and have confidence on whatever I had studied till that day and I didn’t panic at all.

13. Any advice for Entrance Corner readers? What tips you want to share with them?

I would like to say that you just need to be focused, determined and optimistic to clear any entrance exam and you should have full faith that you will definitely get through with flying colors

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